About Cô Ba

About Cô Ba

Hi there, I have a great news for you: I offer Vietnamese and French cuisine catering services as well as cooking classes!

Cô Ba is my southern Vietnamese name, it means “aunt” number 3.

I was born in the Mekong delta in Viêt Nam and moved to France when I was teenager; thus, Viet Nam is my soul and France is my identity. I’m a fruit of the two very rich and different cultures. I moved to New York City in 2007.

I have been cooking for my family since I was seven. At first, my cooking was very simple, modeled on Vietnamese street food, but as time went on, my cooking became more sophisticated and versatile. My taste and imagination have been forged by my life’s experience in three countries. When I decided to become a chef, I worked in the most known Vietnamese restaurant outside of Viêt Nam, Sen Restaurant, in Prague, and took classes at Alain Ducasse’s culinary school in Paris.

Let me take you to a culinary voyage, from North to South, from East to West!